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Surgery in Hospital setting

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When it comes time to put a pet to sleep, Dr. Cropper can bring her mobile pet vet to your home and peacefully perform euthanasia. This emotional time for some may be easier spent at home rather than in a clinical setting. She is the author of “Loving and Losing a Pet”, with co-author, Dr. Michael Stern. With her years of experience, she knows how pets can become a part of the family unit. She also knows the devastation a family feels when they lose a beloved member of the family.

Sometimes,regardless of how much help a housecall can be, surgery, x-rays and dental procedures need to be done in a hospital setting. Sometimes, in today’s strange economic times, a family will need to avoid the housecall fee. In those times I am happy to help the family to decide to use a hospital setting. One of the best parts of the hospital I use is the kindness and compassion of the hospital staff. Although I do all the anesthesia, surgical procedures, dentistry and x-rays myself, the technicians that help me are wonderful with the animals and dedicated to their care.