When it comes time to put a beloved pet companion to sleep, Dr. Cropper can bring her mobile pet vet van to the pet’s home and peacefully perform euthanasia. This emotional time is often easier for the family when they are in their own home. She is the author of “Loving and Losing a Pet” with co-author Dr. Michael Stern. With her years of experience she knows that pets become a part of the family unit. She also understands the sadness and heartache a family feels when they lose a beloved member.

House Call Mobile Pet Vet

House Call Mobile Pet Vet | Dr Susan Cropper

Our veterinarian clinic is happy to provide help to families using our mobile pet vet or our offices....

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Wellness and Illness

Wellness and Illness | Dr Susan Cropper

Dr. Cropper has helped thousand of dogs and cats live happy and healthy lives—it is her greatest pleasure...

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Surgery in Hospital setting

Surgery in Hospital setting | Dr Susan Cropper

When it comes time to put a pet to sleep, Dr. Cropper can bring her mobile pet vet to your home and peacefully preform euthanasia. This emotional time is better spent in one’s own home rather than some pet hospital...

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Dr. Susan Cropper is a full service veterinarian servicing around the Ridgewood, NJ area. She travels to all of Bergen Countyand parts of Passaic County. She does house visits with her mobile pet vet van for pet vaccinations and general companion animal care. Dr. Cropper treats only dogs and cats. She does surgery in a hospital in Ringwood, NJ.

Welcome to Dr Susan Cropper

In her travels around Bergen and Passaic Counties, Dr Cropper spends time discussing pet vaccinations and procedures to make sure that pets are kept up to date on what is necessary to keep them active and healthy.

Her biggest pleasure in practice is to build a lasting relationship with the pet and the pet care providers.

Dr. Cropper specializes in preventive care. She strongly recommends regular check ups for the family dogs and cats to ensure better health and longer lives. If pets need medical attention, Dr. Cropper will take the time to explain treatment options and give estimates of the costs involved.

Whether it is wellness or illness, count on the veterinary housecall services of Dr. Cropper. Call between 8:30am and 10am to talk directly to Dr. Cropper to ask questions about care or determine if a house call is right for you. Call at (201) 444-6254.

“We just moved to Ridgewood, NJ and found Dr. Cropper. My cat had ingested something and we needed emergency pet surgery. Her bedside manor was wonderful and the surgery was a breeze. Thank you.”

“When we needed to put our beloved dog to sleep, I was hysterical. I was met with a warm and tender lady who really took time to explain the process and comfort me.”

“Not only did Dr. Cropper help my cat who was sick to be comfortable, she also explained the entire process we would go through with our cat’s melanoma.”

“We needed emergency pet surgery and we were new to Bergen County, Dr. Cropper was the first person recommended to us. We are so glad, because we are sure she saved our dog’s life.”

“I am amazed at how caring and compassionate Dr. Cropper is. She was so kind and treated my animals (and me) with a great deal of patience and understanding

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