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Dr. Cropper is a veterinarian that cares about her patients. In her 48 years of practice, she has helped many many pets live happier, healthier lives. With many years of dedication to the community of Ridgewood, NJ and the surrounding Bergen County area, she not only performs home visits, but also has office hours to accommodate all her client’s needs.

When it comes time to put a pet to sleep, Dr. Cropper can bring her mobile pet vet van to your home and peacefully perform euthanasia. In this emotional time is often easier for the family to be in their own home rather than a pet hospital. She is the author of “Loving and Losing a Pet”, with co-author, Dr. Michael Stern. With her years of experience, she knows how pets become a part of the family unit. She also knows the sadness and heartache a family feels when they lose a beloved member of the family.

When you need veterinary service for your pet vaccinations or the use of a mobile pet vet, give Dr. Cropper a call at (201) 444-6254.

Services We Provide

My veterinary practice is happy to provide help to families from my mobile pet vet van. For those living in or around the Ridgewood, NJ area in Bergen County and parts of Passaic County I provide the following:

Housecalls Using Mobile Pet Vet Van (for Dogs and Cats only)

• Full Examinations
• Pet Vaccinations
• Blood Work and fecal exams
• Testing for heartworms and laboratory profiles
• Urinalysis and EKG’s
• I Will Thoroughly Discuss All Medical Treatment Options and Fees

Hospital Services We Provide:

• Surgical Necessities
• Anesthesia General, Topical and Local
• General Care
• Dentistry
• Spaying and Neutering (I Proudly Participate in State Low Cost Spay and Neutering Programs)
• X-rays
• Biopsies
• Observation
• Ultrasound and Echocardiograms

If you live in Bergen County or eastern Passaic County call Dr. Cropper’s office today to schedule your appointment for services. We can be reached at (201) 444-6254.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is a Housecall Veterinarian?
A: I have been doing housecalls in Bergen and Passaic Counties since March 1975. I love having the opportunity to sit down with the owners in their homes. We can then discuss any questions the family may have about their pets care, and I can recommend what I think is worthwhile and important for the health and well being of their pets.

Q: What do you do when an animal needs surgery?
A: I do surgical procedures: spays, neutering, growth removal, dentistry, x-rays, ultrasound, and echocargiograms as well as many other treatments in another doctor’s hospital (with my own technician and supplies). I use this hospital for clinical care and observation in addition to surgery and hospitalization.

Q: Are your fees more than a standard veterinary hospital?
A: The fees that I charge for what I do when on a housecall or during a regular in-hospital appointment are the same. The only additional charge is my housecall fee which is based on the amount of driving time from my home base. When a prospective client calls and tells me where they live and what their dog or cat needs, I quote them as clear an estimate as I can at that time.

Q: Do you travel with a technician?
A: No I do not. In the 37 years I have been doing housecalls in Bergen and Passaic Counties I have found that the intimacy of being alone with the pet care provider and the pet makes most animals feel somewhat at ease and calmer. I come in and usually try to sit down before beginning any procedure so that the pet can see me as a visitor and friend.

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